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Jason has a Masters of Physical Therapy from Eastern Washington University.  He has been a licensed physical therapist for over 18 years with experience in a multitude of physical therapy settings.  Jason initiated his career in an orthopedic outpatient setting with treatment of a diverse patient/client population including the gamont of musculoskeletal/orthopedic dysfunctions.  He has worked in rural home health and aquatic therapy, as well as acute care rehab in a hospital setting.   Jason has extensive experience treating orthopedic, neurological and general rehabiliation patients within a multitude of rehabiliation facilities throughout the northwest region including inpatient and outpatient settings.  Jason received his bachelors of science degree from Washington State University and graduated magna cum laude.  He has a passion for patient care, human physiology, and the recovery process and is very goal oriented with a natural inclination towards helping others acheive their goals.  He has been a competitive cyclist for 27 years and has competed at the elite level for the last 19 years on the road and more recently on the track in the Seattle area.  Given Jason's passion for cycling he has also coached cyclists for the last 10+ years in pursuit of helping others reach their peak potential for performance and competition.  Other areas of interest include cross country and skate skiing, cyclo-touring, hiking and the love of the outdoors.  He is a compassionate care provider and appreciates working closely with others in pursuit      

                                                           of achieving success and return to functional, painfree, quality movement needed for living life passionately.