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Welcome.  Our goal is to help you return to living your aspirations.  Nothing is more rewarding then seeing others get back to living a healthy life, doing what they love and pursuing their ambitions.  I look forward to being your therapist and assisting you towards success.

  • manual therapy physical therapy
    The power of joint and soft tissue mobilization to facilitate healing.
  • therapeutic exercise
    Professional advice regarding therapeutic exercise progression and home exercise programs.
  • myofascial release
    Fascial release techniques, deep soft tissue mobilization, strain/counterstrain, muscle energy, active and passive tissue release, proprioceptive neuromuscular faciliation, trigger point release, and joint mobilization.
  • physical therapy advice
    Professional advice, support and guidance you need to understand and advance your recovery.
  • running injuries
    A physical therapist and patient teamwork treatment approach with focus on individual patient goals.
  • exercise progression
    Focus on long term success with home exercise program patient education.
  • rehabilitation recovery
    Get the support and advice needed for optimal activity progression.
  • cycling injuries
    A focus on return to painfree movement. Return to life's necessities and activities you enjoy be it sport, work, or leisure.
  • patient goal oriented
    A focus on the individual.
manual therapy physical therapy
The power of joint and soft tissue mobilization to facilitate healing.


Individualized treatment

We focus on the individual and are your expert consultant.  Our treatments are scheduled in ~1 hour blocks so you get the treatment quality and quantity by a licensed physical therapist you deserve.

Treatment versatility

Treatments provided adapt to your changing needs and program is advanced according to your unique needs.

Focus on results

We are task oriented and focus on returning patient to quality, functional movement with reduced pain so you can return to your most cherished or vital life activities.

Compassionate care

We understand the frustrations of reduced capacity, pain, and decreased function and are here to help navigate the challenging path towards success as a patient/therapist team.

Multifaceted approach

We use numerous highly effective techniques including strain/counterstrain, deep soft tissue mobilization, muscle energy, PNF, trigger point release, active tissue release, joint mobilization, myofascial release and patient education regarding an individualized activity and therapeutic exercise progression.

orthopedic injuries



Peak Physical Therapy's goal is to provide exceptional one to one individualized patient/client care through quality assessment, a tailored activity progression and quality therapeutic treatment that facilitates patient return to lifetime activity be it sport, work, or daily function/movement.  Our goal is to provide personalized education, therapeutic activity progression, and targeted, individualized treatment that facilitates healing and allows return to your most cherished and necessary life activities.