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Jason has a Masters of Physical Therapy from Eastern Washington University.  He has been a licensed physical therapist for over 24 years with experience in a multitude of physical therapy settings.  Jason initiated his career in an orthopedic outpatient setting with treatment of a diverse patient/client population including a diversity of musculoskeletal/orthopedic dysfunctions.  He has also worked in rural home health, aquatic therapy, as well as acute care rehab in a hospital setting.   Jason has extensive experience treating orthopedic, neurological and general rehabilitation patients within a multitude of rehabilitation facilities throughout the northwest region including inpatient and outpatient settings.  Jason received his bachelors of science degree from Washington State University and graduated magna cum laude.  He has a passion for patient care, human physiology, and the recovery process and is very goal oriented with a natural inclination towards helping others achieve their goals.  Jason raced as a competitive cyclist for 27 years and previously competed at the elite level for over 19 years with road racing and later on the track in the Seattle area.  Given Jason's passion for cycling he has also coached cyclists for 10+ years in pursuit of helping others reach their peak potential.  Jason takes a holistic approach to helping others find their path to healing.  Our bodies have an amazing ability to heal when we let our bodies harmonize to our intrinsic auto regulation towards homeostasis (body's ability to reach balance).  There is a strong connection with our ability to heal and self awareness and the daily habits we choose.  Mind and body are interconnected and assisting others with reaching body balance through self awareness, movement and positive habits is paramount to reaching a peak state.  My goal is to facilitate you and your healing journey with reduced pain, improved movement, strength, endurance, resilence and joy.  I look forward to being your guide in your healing journey!  Other areas of interest include skate skiing, cyclo touring, hiking, the love of the outdoors and nature.  Jason is a compassionate care provider and appreciates working closely with others in pursuit of achieving success and return to functional, painfree, quality movement in pursuit of living life passionately.

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Peak Physical Therapy's goal is to provide exceptional one to one individualized patient/client care through quality assessment, a tailored activity progression and quality therapeutic treatment that facilitates patient return to lifetime activity be it sport, work, or daily function/movement.  Our goal is to provide personalized education, therapeutic activity progression, and targeted, individualized treatment that facilitates healing and allows return to your most cherished and necessary life activities.  My goal is to assist you with your healing journey as a team.

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