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Jason is an amazing PT!  Not only is he very skilled at what he does, he is also passionate about his work, his standards, and his patients' well being.  I have some pretty complex issues with my back, and over the course of working with Jason I have experienced tremendous improvement and relief.  I credit my improvement to Jason's holistic approach combined with his technical knowledge and body-work skills.  He cares genuinely for his patients and their progress, and goes above and beyond with his time and determination to get to the root of whatever issue/injury his patients are dealing with.  Thanks to Jason, I can now hike, bike and do many of the physical activities I was unable to enjoy before. 


My first visit to Jason's office was as a stooped, shuffling, shell of a man.  I came to him angry, frustrated, fed up and desperate.  I was suffering from long term, severe sciatic pain.  The pain down my right side was so constant that I thought I would never be rid of it, and sometimes so intense all I could do was plead for some minor relief.  I could barely walk.  I certainly couldn't sit for any length of time.  My pain was with me all day.  It woke me up too early and kept me up too late.  My  bed, which should have been a sanctuary, became a place that I hated.  By the time I had come to see Jason, I was taking all sorts of pain relievers both prescription and over the counter.  I felt like my life was not my own; that my life belonged to my pain; that I was definitely not normal.  After months of working with Jason, I have a real sense of what a normal life is again.  I can sleep through the night.  I can dine out with my wife or friends.  I can sit through a class or meeting, drive a car and even ride my bicycle.  I can do all of these normal activities and many more, because Jason took the time to unwind years and years of pain.  He helped me change the patterns my body had formed over the years, which were contributing to pain.  He manually worked the triggers in my back that were close to the origins of my pain.  He sent me home with work to do between visits.  Throughout it all, he listened to me.  He listened to my history, my thoughts and fears.  When I was frustrated he heard me and encouraged me to continue with the effort, reminding me of where I was when I started.  Looking back to where I was when we started, I know I am very much more myself again.  I have Jason and his practice to thank for returning normal to my life.  I'm confident that he can do the same for you if you are willing to make that first visit and do the work. "


"I'm a 40+ year old competitive cyclist that had been experiencing lower back and shoulder pain for the last 5 years.  I've been to other local physical therapists with minimal success but no long term relief.  I started seeing Jason in December 2013 and he has resolved both of my issues with a targeted and clear approach to my injuries. Even though Jason does not live close by I'll continue to go to him for all of my physical therapy needs and highly recommend him to all my friends and family. "

"I have been impressed with Jason's thorough knowledge and passion for both the diagnosis and treatment of physical aliments.  His personal one on one care and approach to my injury was very effective and had me quickly seeing positive results.  I also have a helpful program to keep my back and torso strong.  I highly recommend Jason and Peak Physical Therapy!"  



"I've had an on and off shoulder injury from swimming for upwards of a year, and Jason has been the only therapist to alleviate the pain and actually help me swim stronger and avoid re-injury.  Jason is an athlete himself, so he understands body mechanics and the athlete's mindset like no other.  He is thorough in his diagnosis and relentless in his pursuit to help patients restore strength.  I'd highly recommend Jason to anyone (athlete or not) who wants to get better for good!"   

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Peak Physical Therapy's goal is to provide exceptional one to one individualized patient/client care through quality assessment, a tailored activity progression and quality therapeutic treatment that facilitates patient return to lifetime activity be it sport, work, or daily function/movement.  Our goal is to provide personalized education, therapeutic activity progression, and targeted, individualized treatment that facilitates healing and allows return to your most cherished and necessary life activities.

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